Worldpay ACH Posting

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How do I download the ACH Posting Program

  • Click on the file name below to start the download for the SalonTouch service you are using.  If you are unsure what SalonTouch service you are using, please email us by clicking here.

Click on this file name if you are running Hosted SalonTouch.Net

Click on this file name if you are running SalonTouch on your local computer and not using our .Net service.

  • Once you click on the file it will begin to download.  This should only take about 15 seconds to download depending on your network speed.

  • After the download, you will most likely see the following message.  Click the Up arrow.

  • Then click Keep.  This will officially complete the download of the program.
  • After clicking Keep, the file should look similar to the one below. The red triangle to the left of the file name should be replaced with what looks like a piece of paper.
  • The program is now ready run.  We recommend moving or copying this file to your desktop so it can be easily found when you are ready to run it.

How do I copy or move this file to my desktop?

If you are not sure how to copy or move this file to your desktop, follow these quick steps.

1.  Click the Up arrow located to the right of the file.
2.  Click Show in Folder.
3.  Right-click on the file you downloaded, either ach_poster_net.exe or ach_poster_net.exe
4.  Click Cut or Copy
5.  Go to your Desktop and Right-click on an open area of your Desktop and click Paste.  You should now see the file on your Desktop. 

What are the screens that display when I start the program?

Windows has built-in security features which require permission before a program can run.  Below are two samples of what the screens may look like. Screen A and Screen B.

Also, depending on how your Windows operating system and User Account Control settings are configured, you may see a different screen from the ones shown below. As long you see the App or Program Name is ach_poster_net.exe then choose to run the program.

Screen A

1. Click More info.  


2.  Verify the App is  ach_poster_net.exe or ach_poster_15.exe

3. Click Run anyway.  This will start the program.

Screen B

1.  Verify the Name is ach_poster_net.exe or ach_poster_15.exe

2. Click Run.  This will start the program.


How do I run the ACH Posting Program.

  • Open the application the same way to open SalonTouch.  A small shield in Windows 8 or 10 means you might Right-click and select Run as administrator.

  • It will open a login screen similar to SalonTouch Evolution and access the software to determine who has permissions to post EFT information.

  • Log in to the software.

  • Select the draft date you wish to post.

  • Click the Load button

  • Click OK on the Loaded button

  • If it returns There are no ACH EFT drafts for the day selected, there are no EFT drafts to post for the day.  If this is the only day the salon processes EFT memberships, the salon will not have to use this tool again.

  • All ACH drafts are automatically marked as APPROVED when they are loaded.  To change the Post Options to a different option, click on the Approved text.  The other options are Skip or Declined.

Approved: Will post the payment entering the revenue into SalonTouch and the client's EFT log.

Skip: Will not post the payment.  It will skip it and not enter the revenue into SalonTouch.

Declined: Will post an NSF to the client's EFT log and apply the NSF Fee to the client's account.

  • Click Post and the items will turn yellow as they post.  This does not withdraw any money from their checking or savings account.  It will only post a trtransaction record in SalonTouch to mark the client as having paid and revenue calculated.

  • Click OK and the program has completed the posting process.

  • To exit the program click the Cancel button.

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