Selling Membership EFT Services

Modified on Thu, 24 Oct 2019 at 01:29 PM

Selling Membership EFT Service works the same as make any other register transaction with one additional step: capturing the client's credit card information. It is best to familiarize yourself with how to Make a Sales Transaction in SalonTouch 10 before proceeding to selling an EFT service.

  1. When selecting the EFT membership to sell, the employee will be presented with a screen to securely capture a token for use with recurring charges.

    The address information will be populated from the client's on file information.  If the card-holder billing address is different than the client's address i.e. mother paying for daughter's services, it is important to enter the card-holder's billing address to process EFTs as a reoccurring payment.

    The draft amount and taxes will automatically populate from the service's settings. The draft day will be populated as the default one that SalonTouch is set to.
  2. Click the Get Token button.

  3. The client will then place the credit card in the chip reader and the token will be processed.  Once the transaction is complete the token will automatically populate. SalonTouch 10 only uses secure tokens for the storage of sensitive account information. Manually typing account information in will store the data in an unsecure area.

  4. Once the credit card information is confirmed, click Save.  Even though the token is showing on screen, until you click Save the token is not saved.

  5. You may get a request to print an EFT contract.  Click Yes or No to print one.  Salons with our electronic signature pad can use a PDF EFT contract for electronic storage of the contract.

  6. Tender out the transaction as normal. The service will be sold to the client and the draft information will be saved to the client's profile.

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