Membership Cancellation Services

Modified on Thu, 24 Oct 2019 at 02:52 PM

 An EFT Membership Cancellation Service is a service that cancels any EFT service from being used and stops the draft associated with their services from being processed.

This cancellation service allows the salon employees to be able to cancel a client's EFT account without having to have access to their EFT account information.  

The service will be setup the same as a normal Tan Service with a few differences.

  • It will normally have a price of $0.00 unless you are charging a fee to cancel their EFT services.

  • There will be no room use.

  • The expiration date will normally be 1 day after purchase.

  1. Click on the EFT tab for the service you wish to change to an EFT Cancellation Service.

  2. Click the Is an EFT Cancellation Service radio button on the left side.


  3. Most salons use the industry standard practice of requiring a 30-day notification when a client comes in to cancel.  This can be easily done with the following settings.

  4.  In the field next to Cancel client's EFT after client's next      monthly drafts, enter the number of months that is required for a cancellation notification. The example below requires a 30-day notification period.


  5. Next enter the number of days that the client can use their EFT service after putting in their cancellation notice.


  6. Click Save.

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