Setup SalonTouch Backup

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  1. Extract the file c:\SalonTouch\Tools\ to the Tools folder. This will create the folder c:\SalonTouch\Tools\sqlscheduler. If this folder is not there the following instructions will not work.
  2. Open the command prompt as administrator by doing a search in the start menu and type CMD and search for CMD.exe, and right click on the search results and Run as administrator.
  3. Type cd c:\SalonTouch\Tools\sqlscheduler\Service\ and press enter.
  4. Type installservice.bat and press enter. This is required for the service to install on Windows 10, 8, and Windows 7 installation; or any Vista or 7 PC with User account controls (UAC) enabled.
            The transacted install has completed.
            The SQLScheduler Service service is starting.
            The SQLScheduler Service service was started successfully.
            Press any key to continue . . .

Press any key and close the command prompt

  1. Navigate to c:\SalonTouch\Tools\sqlscheduler\SQLScheduler
  2. Open c:\SalonTouch\Tools\sqlscheduler\SQLScheduler\SQLScheduler.exe
  3. Right click on Servers and click New Server

Type in .\SALONTOUCH or the instance name of the server. The . at the front denotes the local computer and is safer and easier than typing the entire computer name. 

Right click on the server instance and select New Job... 

  1. Give the backup the name SalonTouch Backups
  2. Set the backup to use SQL Authentication. The user will be idi and the password should be uid4idi.

  1. Switch to the Details tab. You will need to insert the SQL query that will run for the backup. Standard procedure is to use a 7 day rotating backup with the day of the week in the name. Check to make sure the local hard drive will support this much data. If it will not, you will need to switch to a single backup each day.
    These scripts can be gotten from the following files:
    7 Day Script: C:\SalonTouch\Tools\sqlscheduler\Backup Procedure - Create new with DAY in backup name.txt
    1 Day Script: C:\SalonTouch\Tools\sqlscheduler\Backup Procedure - OVERWRITE with NO date in backup name.txt
  2. Set the Script Timeout in Seconds to 1500. if you leave it set to 15 the script will not complete.

Click on the schedule tab and find out when the salon closes. The backup will need to be scheduled for just after the last database transactions occur i.e. after last tan or till balance. 

  1. Click Save and close the SQL scheduler
  2. Create a shortcut on the desktop to c:\SalonTouch\Backup_Databases
  3. Start the job to ensure that it is functioning.
    • Open the SQL Scheduler application at C:\SalonTouch\Tools\sqlscheduler\SQLScheduler\SQLScheduler.exe.
    • Expand the server name.
    • Right click on the job and select Execute.

  • Navigate to c:\SalonTouch\Backup_Databases and make sure the job ran.

Please not that we do not have a copy of database for local clients and once you have this backup setup you have to remember to move the backup files out of c:\salontouch\backup_databases

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